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So, who is Dan Arrow?

He is the hero of the new Dan Arrow book series.  Dan is a private detective who is catapulted into a world he never imagined when a guy named Billy Powers dies the night before their first meeting.  In the mail the next  morning, Dan receives Powers’ notebook, which is full of handwritten comments and clipped articles about seemingly unrelated events – but are they really unrelated, or is there a common thread?  Initially dismissing the notebook’s contents as the work of a crackpot, Dan soon meets Power’s wife and discovers that there is more truth than fiction about aliens cooperating with international governments to establish a New World Order.

Dan Arrow wouldn’t have called his ex-girlfriend Mona, except that his client was dead and her employer, the FBI, had classified it as a suicide.  Thrown together again, their investigation takes them into deep underground military bases, where alien species are working with several governments to establish a New World Order.  But when Mona is taken captive by a Reptilian officer, Dan must choose between rescuing her or stopping the coronation of an evil leader and the unleashing of a global pandemic as the NWO agenda is set into motion.

Book One in the Dan Arrow series, Dan Arrow and the New World Order, is based on conspiracy theory lore: The Dulce Firefight, the Georgia Guide Stones, the Denver Airport, alien abductions, and lesser known evidence of the emerging New World Order.  Never heard of them?  Check them out on this web site or Google them and you, too, may find a world you never knew existed!

Book Two in the Dan Arrow series, Dan Arrow and the Hollow Moon, follows Dan and his girlfriend Mona as they assist a client to find out who gave the orders to kill his nephew and steal a secret box – a box like Pandora’s that contains  something that the world doesn’t need unleashed.  While continuing to find more truth than fiction in popular conspiracy theories, Dan learns that the New World Order is unfolding its domination plans through United Nations Agenda 21, and he has to stop its cogs from turning.

Recently finished and edited, Dan Arrow and the Three-Headed Ophidian completes the trilogy, as Dan and Mona put the kabosh on the New World Order’s attempts to establish total global control through Agenda 21.  Uncovering even more truth than fiction in popular conspiracy  theories, Dan and Mona discover that nothing comes to light that hasn’t been pre-ordained by a cabal of Reptilians and world leaders to reduce mankind willingly into total submission under a global government.  Dan Arrow and the Three-Headed Ophidian will be available for purchase in late January/early February 2019.

Yet to be officially titled, Dan Arrow and the Black Knight is just a few pages from completion and should be published during 2019.  More on this later…





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