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I was born in Massachusetts, but traveled widely as a child because my U.S. Marine father was transferred to new assignments across the USA on a regular basis.  By the time I was 12, I had crossed the United States three times.  And at ripe old age of 16, I drove a stick shift Ford across the USA, following my dad, who was pulling a small camping trailer behind the family station wagon.

A graduate of Elon College, I earned a master’s degree at Appalachian State University and a doctorate at the Graduate School of the Sage Colleges.  After retiring from a long career in higher education, I turned my attention to writing, while continuing to teach undergraduate and graduate courses on an adjunct basis at a local college.

I completed my first novella, Chinook, as a young man in 1982, but did not publish it.  After retirement, I completed The Ballads of Black Creek within the first three months at home, and The Holler Dawgs within the second six months.  I have not published them yet because they explore much truth about my early years as an educator in the Appalachian Mountains.  Maybe someday, though.

The Dan Arrow series came next.  Dan Arrow and the New World Order and Dan Arrow and the Hollow Moon were finished first, although I can always find something to change when I open them.  Work on the third book in that series,  Dan Arrow and the Three-Headed Ophidian, was completed in early summer 2016.   A fourth novel in the series, Dan Arrow and the Black Knight (title pending)is in process, and writing should continue through the Spring of 2018.

So, why Dan Arrow?  I saw my first UFO’s while camping out at Green Lakes State Park near Syracuse, NY.  I saw my second while living on the beach at Emerald Isle in North Carolina, back when it was still a wild and undeveloped stretch of dunes.  The Dan Arrow series is based on conspiracy theory lore, combining the UFO mystery with national and international politics and the rumored agenda of the legendary New World Order.  These are fun books to write because they permit me to delve into stuff that all winds together into a fabric offering many clandestine possibilities. The first two novels in the series are now available in both print and eBook formats thru Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Black Opal Books.  The third should be released sometime around the December holidays.  I hope you enjoy them!


Me and the Greeter 2015Me at Swamis


UPDATE re: these pics:

Recently, Sven and I visited our son in California, where I had the opportunity to travel back into my own youth.  Our son took us to Huntington Beach  where, as a gremmie (“grom” for those of you who began surfing after 1965), I caught my first wave on a $19 surfboard, and to Tamarack beach where, after many hours of practice, I actually learned how to surf.  We also went to Swamis, where at the time of the 1964 Alaskan earthquakes, I lost the nose of that surfboard to the huge waves that pounded the spot where the cliffs at Swamis meet the ocean below.  I think there may be another book in there somewhere.  I can feel it coming…


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