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Black Opal Books has selected Dan Arrow and the New World Order as a new offering for its catalog of novels.  This new thriller is now available for purchase, both as an eBook and as a print paperback:

Dan wouldn’t have called his ex-girlfriend, FBI Special Agent Mona Casola, except that his client is dead and the FBI has classified it as a suicide. Thrown together again, the duo’s investigation takes them into deep underground military bases, where alien species are working with several governments to establish a New World Order. Then, when Mona is taken captive by a reptilian leader, Dan must choose between rescuing the love of his life or stopping the coronation of an evil leader and the unleashing of a global pandemic as the NWO agenda is set into motion.


Well written with fast-paced action, lots of suspense, and an intriguing mystery, this is one that will catch and hold your interest from beginning to end.  (Taylor Jones)

Dan Arrow and New World Order is clever, fun, and intriguing. With fascinating characters, fast-paced action, plenty of surprises, and a lot of humor, whether you are into conspiracy theories or not, this is one you won’t want to miss.  (Regan Murphy)

Dan Arrow and the New World Order is available in paperback or ebook format at:




Hollow Moon

Black Opal has just released (July 14, 2018) Dan Arrow and the Hollow Moon, available thru Amazon and Barnes & Noble in print and eBook formats.

Dan Arrow and his girlfriend, FBI Special Agent Mona Casola, are on a mission to assist their alien friend Waam in finding out who gave the orders to kill his nephew and steal a secret box—a box like Pandora’s that contains something that the world doesn’t need unleashed. In the meantime, Mona is also determined to find her missing baby—a human-alien hybrid, called a star child—which has been kidnapped and taken someplace called “the hollow moon.” While continuing to discover more truth than fiction in popular conspiracy theories, Dan learns that the New World Order is unfolding its domination plans through the United Nations’ Agenda 21, and he has to stop its cogs from turning.

Reviewers say:

Clever, intriguing, and full of surprises, this one will keep you glued to your seat from the very first page. A really great read.  (Taylor Jones)

Dan Arrow and the Hollow Moon is both intriguing and plausible, despite the fact that some of the subplots appear to be outrageous at first glance. Baker has really done his homework, and he weaves fact and fiction in a way that makes the plot seem completely realistic. A worthy addition to the series. (Regan Murphy)


Black Opal Books anticipates publishing a third novel in the Dan Arrow series:  Dan Arrow and the Three-Headed Ophidian.  More information about publication dates will be forthcoming.



(1)  Another book series by Ed Baker is the Holler Dawgs series, yet to find a home with a publisher.  Check out these two novels, The Ballads of Black Creek, and The Holler Dawgs, at

(2)  Also looking for a home is a newly completed novel written for readers in upper elementary grades and middle school.  Its title:  Kylee and the Knock Man:

Strange sounds from the woods and the peculiar behaviors of her grandmother become clues which lead a young girl to discover a family secret which only she and her mother share.

After her family is shattered when her father leaves them, thirteen-year-old Kylee must spend the summer with her eccentric grandmother in the woods of upstate New York.  Away from her suburban friends, she contends with loneliness, doubts about family relationships, and the abusive actions of three bullying boys.  Then, also, she contends with fear of the Knock Man, instilled in her by Darby Turner, a toothless hermit who has been hunting the creature for more than forty years.  Although Grammy insists that the Knock Man is a legend concocted by a crazy man, Kylee discovers clues which lead her to believe that her peculiar grandmother is hiding a family secret. 

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