Alien Intervention into the Development of Mankind

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                 Alien Intervention into the Development of Mankind

I heard Erich Von Daniken speak at Radford College waaay back in the 1970’s. The subject was, of course, his classic book Chariots of the Gods. What intrigued me the most during his presentation were his stories about Biblical characters and their interactions with gods.  For example, the incident when Abraham’s wife Sarah was impregnated by angels long after the age when she was biologically able to conceive.  And, in the painting above, a young Virgin Mary prays while a UFO hovers in the sky above her.  Was the artist telling us that Mary had already learned of her selection to bear a hybrid child?  Von Daniken was convincing in his argument that extraterrestrials were fiddling around with human genetics.

Von Daniken is not alone in his theory of alien intervention.  In his book The Twelfth Planet, Zecharia Sitchin notes that Sumerian tablets discuss flesh and blood gods actually creating the human species and then living among, ruling over, and breeding with humans.  Supposedly, they also created many of the animals and plants that inhabit the earth.  (Doesn’t this sound a bit like Genesis!).   And Lloyd Pye, in his work Everything You Know is Wrong, asserts that the evidence of alien intervention with humans became clear when scientists discovered that the DNA of chimpanzees (our closest primate cousin) exhibits 48 chromosomes while human DNA exhibits only 46.  Is this possible if we truly are descendants on the same family tree?

You can read more about Pye, Sitchin, and Von Daniken by googling them on your own, or you can visit several sites to learn about these men and others who argue that modern man could not have emerged so quickly without intervention from unspecified others:

The question, of course, is why would superior alien life forms intervene with lower animal forms to create human beings?  Was it to create a slave race?  Was it to create a new food source?  Was it to create a genetic pool from which to harvest necessary parts?  Was it to accelerate our species’ evolution?  The list of possible reasons is very long, indeed.  In Dan Arrow and the New World Order, Dan learns of a special plan to intervene in human affairs, and he races to stop it from being implemented.

Rumors about alien intervention in the development of mankind is the stuff that feeds conspiracy theory.   Enjoy your research!