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Granger Taylor was a real person who lived on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.   He was one of those rare people who dropped out of school in 8th grade, but who demonstrated intellectual genius in all that he did.

Needless to say, Granger was a bit peculiar.  For example, according to author Rob Morphy, Granger found an old locomotive in the woods, dragged it home, and over a two year period rebuilt it into working condition. Try doing that with only an 8th grade education!

At some time in his life, he became infatuated with flying saucers and actually built a life-sized model, which he turned into his man-cave.  While inside this structure, Granger claimed to receive a series of messages from a being who lived outside of our solar system.  Ultimately, this being offered him a four-year trip through space.

When the time of his departure arrived, Granger gave all of his worldly possessions to his parents, left a will, and drove off to catch his ride into space.  It was November 1980.  His parents kept everything that he left them, anticipating his return in 1984.  Unfortunately, he never came home.

So what happened to Granger Taylor?  Did he actually catch that ride into space?  Given the nature of what we know about space travel, Granger may return in three hundred of our years, but only four of his own.  The Earth will certainly be different upon his return.

In Dan Arrow and the New World Order, Granger plays a significant role in helping Dan to escape from the NWO’s facilities hidden deep beneath the Livermore Base in northern California.  But beyond the past existence of a missing person with the name Granger Taylor, everything written in Dan Arrow and the New World Order is fiction and none of the events ever happened.

To learn more about Granger Taylor, simply Google him.  Especially good is the Rob Morphy article, October 2002, which should pop up as one of the first five hits of your internet search.  It’s worth the read.


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