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Do secret underground facilities really exist?

When I lived in Virginia in the 70’s and 80’s, it was widely known that a special bunker has been constructed by the United States Government under the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia.  Its initial purpose was to house federal leaders in the event of a nuclear attack.  Later facility construction at other sites closer to Washington, D.C. may have caused that function to be changed.  Subsequent evidence and testimony about the presence of the Greenbrier facility make its existence a sure thing.

But others are well known, as well, and many pictures of their entrances and interiors exist.  Among them are Cheyenne Mountain (CO), Raven Rock (PA), Mount Weathers (VA), Yucca Mountain (AZ), and Delta Junction (AK).  The functions of these facilities are rumored to be varied, including experimental biological warfare research, human/alien hybridization research, weapons research, alien technology reverse engineering, and, of course, shelter  from pandemic/cataclysmic events.

Rumored DUMB’s (Deep Underground Military Bases) are found in almost every state.  Among the most widely known are facilities at Montauk (NY), Dulce (NM), Denver Airport (CO), Livermore (CA), Grooms Lake (NV), and the Wright Patterson AFB, (OH).

Dan Arrow spends an unanticipated amount of time in several of these facilities in Dan Arrow and the New World Order.  Without giving away the plot, let me say that Dan discovers that there is more truth than fiction to the rumors about the New World Order and its alliance with several species of extraterrestrials.

For a comprehensive list of alleged top secret government underground facilities, see:      and

If you are interested, googling DUMB’s or underground military facilities yields an abundance of pictures of the many underground bases and subterranean research facilities that exist across our nation.  And, according to some bloggers, many of these bases are connected by an intricate system of tunnels, many of which were drilled by nuclear machines that melt rock into a liquid state.  Some of these machines are rumored to drill more than five miles per hour!  Pics of these machines are also available online (see one pic of a drilling machine above).

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