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What gives at the Denver International Airport?

I recently visited the Denver International Airport (DIA) while enroute from California to Philadelphia.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time between connections to scope out the few remaining artifacts left by the New World Order.  I’m going back soon, if only for a day to verify the remnants.

Opened in 1995, DIA enjoys quite a history of conspiracy theory.  It replaced the Stapleton Airport, and was placed more than 19 miles further away from Denver than Stapleton.  Why?  Supposedly to reduce noise over the city.  But, when it opened, many believed that it covered a secret governmental underground installation…a bunker intended to hide people away from a man-made pandemic.

Soon after the airport opened, critics claimed that the art within the airport foretold of  the demise of mankind under the hand of a militant force receiving instructions from the New World Order.  And why not!  …A commemorative stone proudly displayed the term New World Airport Commission (something that did not exist).  Art on the walls depicted young children of Christian, Jewish, and African cultures lying in coffins.  Other art displayed a menacing man in a gas mask stabbing a white dove with a Saracen blade.  Also, a scene depicted the chemical symbols AU and AG, which could mean gold and silver (the symbols of capitalism) or could be combined to AUAG, which means Australian Antigen, a highly toxic virus which would kill many if unleashed upon mankind.  And, a sculpture displayed an opened suitcase with a gargoyle or demon inside, holding its head in its hand!

Outside the airport, travelers were greeted by “Blucifer,” a giant blue mustang with glowing red “Satanic”eyes.  And, a tall statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, wished all a safe flight.  Jeez, what an eerie greeting for happy travelers!

Who would have commissioned such art at a public facility where children would cower while waiting for flights with their parents? Was the instillation of such fear intentional?  Was it to be a warning of the death of 93% of mankind, as recommended by the Georgia Guidestones?

The mystery of conspiracy intensifies, huh!


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