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So, what was the Dulce Firefight?

Book One, Dan Arrow and the New World Order, actually begins with a prologue written by fictional character William “Billy” Powers.  Powers’ character and prologue are actually based on the story of Phil Schneider, who claimed to be a survivor of the Dulce Firefight, which allegedly occurred in 1979 in a secret underground facility beneath the Jicarilla Indian Reservation near Dulce, New Mexico.  Phil was working as a geologist on the construction of an underground facility for the U.S. Government, when the workers unexpectedly broke into an existing underground facility that should not have been there.  Soon, all hell broke loose in a battle with non-human entities who were inhabiting the other facility, and many Americans died down there.  Phil claims that aliens have lived beneath Dulce for more than 400 years, and that our government is working with them on many secret projects.

If you’d like to learn more about the Dulce Firefight, I encourage you to listen to Phil Schneider tell the story in person on YouTube at: ; or try this one:  (this is only the first of 7 links, but you can easily find the next 6); or you can read about it at one of these sites:

When you have listened to Phil or read what he and others have had to say, you can ask yourself, “Is this real or a fantastically fabricated hoax?”  That’s the problem with conspiracy lore:  you are never quite sure.  As the X-Files television show’s tag line used to say, “The Truth is Out There.”

I will share more conspiracy lore soon.


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